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Teaching with technology is the way of the future, however what about the families that cannot provide their children with the technology that they will be learning from? Middle and upper class families have different access to technology to what lower socioeconomic families have (Howell, J). I believe it is important for Educators to be able to effectively teach with technology in a fair way to be able to suit all children and their family’s needs. I came across this article “Practical advice for Teaching staff” http://www.lowses.edu.au/files/teachers.htm (Griffiths ,S), in regards to teaching students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and it provides Educators with good tips on how to teach using technology and how using a variety of sources assists with improving learning.Fairimage_001

As a future Educator, I will seek information from my future students and their parents on what technology is used at home and what technology they are comfortable with me using to teach. Nowadays, children are so lucky to be able to learn using technology because they have access to so much great information to be able to assist with their learning. However, it is important that teachers educate their students on how to use the internet to source appropriate and correct information (Howell, J).

It amazes me how much classrooms and lesson plans have changed to incorporate technology. While children are still learning by reading paperback books, they also learn by reading EBook’s too. I must admit, most of the books I read now are mostly online, mainly because of the convenience. In classrooms, Educators now use interactive whiteboards and computers to teach their content. They also communicate with their students and student’s families via email, enewsletters and class websites (Howell, J).