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technologyAs a future Educator I am rather nervous about teaching with technology. You could call it “digital pressure” (Howell, J). When I was in primary school, my teachers taught by using a black or white board, overhead projectors and every classroom activity or assignment was hand written or drawn. I remember story time and reading paperback books. I remember getting my pen license and I now wonder if children have to get their typing license?

It amazes me how nowadays, babies, toddlers and children are fascinated by technology. This generation is referred to as “digital natives” (Howell, J). I can agree with this label for this generation as one of my friends explained to me that her 10 month old son knows how to slide the screen on an IPhone. Wow. I was shocked when she told me this. We really do live in a digital world.

toddler holding ipad

I do appreciate technology and I understand the importance of Educators having a positive attitude toward teaching with technology as it is constantly evolving and is the way of the future in Education. Although I am not technologically savvy, I am willing to learn about new technology by practising and learning from peers and students. Technology has changed how educators teach and how children learn. (Howell, J).

ImpressionI appreciate how technology provides Educators with endless amounts of resources to teach with and provides students with so much information to learn from. This excites me. I’m excited to provide my future students with a technologically rich learning environment and I’m excited to be on the learning journey with them and to learn from them. I found this great article on introducing technology into the classrooms, providing Educators with tools on how to execute this. If you are technologically challenged like I am, you should definitely read this article. http://ro.uow.edu.au/asdpapers/403/ (Eady,M.J & Lockyer, L.).